Discover a Better
Way to Move

Forget about stress, deadlines, and confusion associated with moving to a new home or business location. Our specialized moving pod will help you organize and pack for convenient local moving at your own pace.

Start organizing your stress-free move now!

Enjoy moving to your new home!

Forget about rental trucks and unreliable moving companies. FoxBox is your perfect moving and storage solution:

  • Reliable. Instead of trusting all your possessions to moving and storage companies, you can keep our portable storage units right in your driveway for maximum convenience.
  • Safe. Tilt-free delivery makes sure your belongings have minimal shifting during loading, unloading, and driving. Our superior cleanliness standards and 24/7 security camera monitored lot for your storage units ensure the highest level of protection between moves.
  • Affordable. You can rent the moving containers for as long as needed between homes. Our personalized payment plans and month to month rental periods allow everyone to find the best moving solution for their needs.

Our Containers

Moving Made Easy For You

  1. We deliver the container, move fully loaded, drive it where you need it, and pick it up after unloading! You don’t need to worry about the details.
  2. You can take as much time as you need to pack and load with no pressure or deadlines.
  3. You can load just once and store the fully loaded container in our safe and secure storage lot or at your location for as long as you like.
  4. Move everything from small household items to large furniture with a container of just the right size for you.

Moving Pods for Residential Moving