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How It Works

Order Your Walk-In

Simply fill out our online request form or give us a call and a friendly FoxBox representative will get your drop off scheduled and ready to go!

Connect the Power

The portable walk-in comes with a 50-foot extension cord for power supply. Identify a nearby 120-volt electrical outlet and connect the extension cord.

Set the Desired Temperature

Adjust the temperature settings using the control panel on our cooling unit. FoxBox Chills walk-ins can cool down from 50 to 0 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to -18 degrees Celsius).

Load and Store Cold Products

Once desired temperature has been reached (temperature drops close to 1 degree per minute), load and organize your products leaving space down the middle for air flow. Once loaded, close the doors securely to maintain temperature.

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Happy Customers

Shawn Z.

Our FoxBox experience was great. The units are very nice and were in great condition. Setting up times and communication through the moving process was good. Also for our specifics, they were the best price. Would highly recommend!

Sara M.

We were in a pinch for a storage unit and FoxBox was able to come out that same day and deliver the box. They placed it perfectly and the guys were courteous and professional. We love to use local businesses as much as possible to support the community and I am glad I found them. Thank you!

Kevin W.

As a Realtor, FoxBox Moves is the ideal solution for my clients. Whether they are buying or selling, the flexibility of storage right in their driveway allows them to move at their own pace and have confidence in safe and secure storage. This, coupled with the fact that as a client you don’t need to move the containers yourself, eases the stress of a complicated move. Try them once and you’ll never choose another storage option again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you move the container loaded?

Yes, we can move your loaded container with our specialized delivery system which keeps your container level throughout the move. This helps reduce shifting of your contents.

Do I need to be present for delivery/pickup?

No, before delivery we review any special accommodations that will be necessary, when the container is ready to be moved you secure with a lock and retain the keys.

Can I access my container when it’s stored at a FoxBox Storage facility?

Yes, just give us 24 hour notice and we will have your container set out for easy access.

Do you have a place to store my container?

Yes, we currently offer outdoor storage in a 24/7 security camera monitored lot. Boxes stored in our lot can be accessed by the customer with 24-hour heads up.

What is the advantage of a portable storage container vs self storage or Uhaul?

We deliver the container to your location and you can pack and load at your convenience. You only load and unload once! We do the driving, you don’t pay extra fuel charges or late fees for not returning on time.

How soon could a container be delivered?

We try to have your storage container delivered within 24-48 hours or schedule a delivery date that works best for you.

FoxBox Anywhere You Need It!

FoxBox Moves provides a solution for many storage needs including moving, home remodeling, seasonal storage, decluttering and event storage.